Think Microsoft Is the Only Office Software Suite in Town? Think Again.


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And know what to look for when searching for an alternative solution.

If you’re reading this blog, then you are either a WPS user already, or are thinking about finding a new one, most likely to replace Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, many people just assume that Microsoft Office is the only option available, or that no other solution can compare. The good news is, that is simply not true. You can easily download office for PC windows for WPS official website.

If you’re making a switch either because your MS Office trial is expiring soon, or you’re looking for less expensive software, it’s a good idea to have a checklist in mind when exploring alternative solutions. We’ve compiled a list of features to look for when you search:

Cost Options: Cost is one of the most important considerations, since office software can be quite expensive, but there are low cost options available. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a monthly, annual or lifetime license. Free is also an option. WPS Office is the only office software suite that offers both a free mobile and free desktop version of its software. The free version comes with sponsored access, meaning periodic pop-up ads, which are just a small “price” to pay without forking out any cash. WPS Office paid subscriptions are still just a fraction (1/3) of the cost compared with Microsoft.

Comprehensiveness: Most office software suites are offered like a banana bunch– individual applications bound together but structured in a way that the user has to open up each one separately. An easier model to work with is one in which the apps are open and accessible simultaneously in a single view. WPS Office has integrated all of its apps– Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentations and PDF tool– all within one comprehensive window. The benefit to this is easier use and less going “back and forth.” More importantly, it saves computing resources, allowing your computer to operate more efficiently with less drag.

Cross Platform Availability: Office software and documents are most useful when easily accessible, from any platform. Individuals are interacting with apps and content in an increasingly dynamic way to accommodate the environment in which they happen to be– home, office, travel, social gatherings and more. WPS Office offers this flexibility with four desktop and mobile offerings: WPS Office for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. In addition, integration with cloud providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box gives users the ability to collaborate with others and support business operations.

Integrated Cloud Support: File collaboration through the cloud has become the standard in today’s world and indeed, available among office software providers. The extent to which cloud support is integrated with the software can improve the computing experience by making it more efficient. In addition to integrating with cloud providers, WPS Office also recently introduced WPS Cloud, which is a complete document storage and management service that enables users to view and edit files anywhere, anytime. Automatic backup and link sharing tools allow real-time collaboration across multiple devices and platforms, and files are protected from loss with enterprise-level data security and multiple backups.

Compatibility: The last thing anyone wants to hassle with are files that don’t play well with other file formats, which can be a real time waster and productivity killer. WPS Office is fully compatible with many brands of office software for Windows, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, across both PC and mobile formats. And don’t just take it from us, our customers tell us this is one of the best things about WPS Office (just check out any number of WPS Office user case studies on our press site).

Ease of Use: Another important consideration is how easy is it to use the software? Is there a learning curve involved? Does the user interface look familiar? The less time spent educating yourself on new office software, the faster you can hit the ground running. Again, WPS Office users rave about how quickly they can begin using the software due its similarity to Microsoft Office. In addition, when working within WPS Office, users can clearly see which windows are open since they are organized in a tabbed fashion, much like an internet browser is organized. This is a feature uniqaue to WPS Office.

Performance: Last, but certainly not least, is the performance factor. Bugginess and reliability issues aren’t just annoying, they’re a waste of precious time. Office software suites can take up a lot of space on a computer, leaving a heavy footprint resulting in slower performance and reduced reliability. In contrast, WPS Office has a much lighter footprint that improves performance speed and efficiency. And as a subsidiary of Kingsoft Corporation, China’s leading Internet services and software company, WPS Office is supported by a world-class engineering team that is relentless in improving the quality and performance of its software.

So go ahead and take the plunge into a new office software suite, because there’s more than just one in town.


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