What can you use an air compressor for?


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What can you use as an air compressor? Is a broad-rated question for a newbie. Employing air compressors to drive tools as well as equipment on your worksite can keep down expenses in addition to helping your tools last longer. However, the benefits of pressed air don’t quit there.

Here are 13 methods air compressors are widely used in industry, leisure as well as in everyday life. Several of them you may not anticipate.

  1. Blowing up

While most air compressors store pressurized air to drive an electric motor, in the most basic kind they utilize this air straight. Pressed air can be made use of to inflate automobile and bike tires, balloons, air beds, and also other inflatables.

  1. Spray paint

Tiny air compressors are utilized to power airbrushes for personal as well as commercial usage, from fragile desktop computer brushes for artists to larger systems for repainting as well as touching up lorry bodies.

  1. Pressure cleaning

Pressure cleansers as well as water blasters use compressed air to pump water at high pressure, making it possible for much more effective cleaning of concrete floorings and stonework, stain removal, and also engine bay degreasing.

  1. Water fountains

Air compressors additionally manage the specific launch of water in fountains as well as timed water screens, in addition to snow displays in shopping centers.

  1. Scuba diving

Pressed air is what makes diving possible. Pressurized air kept in tanks allows divers to remain underwater for longer.

  1. Paintball

Paintball guns are linked to air cylinders that make use of pressed air to fire ammo. Pressed air additionally powers air guns.

  1. Cooling

Possibly the most common use of air compressors in daily life, refrigerators, fridges, freezer, and also air conditioning systems all use air compressors to cool the air.

  1. Engines

Air compressors consist of in-vehicle engines for heating & cooling, as well as air brakes for bigger vehicles and trains. Numerous theme park flights are operated on pressed air.

  1. Health and wellness

Compressed air has a variety of uses across the health services, such as dental experts using compressed air to clean up debris and prevent infection during treatments and hospitals providing oxygen to people.

  1. Agriculture

Farms utilize air compressors to spray plants, power equipment, transport feed and grain to silos, and ventilate greenhouses.

  1. Production

Air cylinders power a variety of pneumatic processes in manufacturing facilities as well as manufacturing plants, from positioning, reducing, and also sanding to packaging as well as transport.

  1. Workshops

Fuel, as well as electric air compressors, can drive power devices for personal use and in factories. Tiny devices such as nail guns and effect wrench only need a little air compressor, while an extra effective system will certainly be needed for pneumatically-driven drills, sanders, or grinders.

  1. Building and construction

Building sites can power a variety of tools as well as devices making use of a larger air compressor, such as drills, hammers, and also compactors. For remote sites without reliable access to electrical power, petrol, as well as diesel air compressors with huge gas containers, will offer undisturbed power so you don’t need to charge tools or run a generator.

Whatever you need a versatile air compressor for, Coates Hire is the leading supplier of compressed air equipment as well as devices in Australia, making any type of task a breeze.


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